Modern Garden Furniture – What Should You Choose?

It’s difficult to choose the type of outdoor furniture you want in 2019.

There are now so many different choices, including:

  • Rattan garden furniture
  • Wood-effect garden furniture
  • Wooden garden furniture
  • Aluminium garden furniture
  • Plastic garden furniture

Each one has it’s own unique properties, so it’s really important to look at the pros and cons of each type. For example if you wanted rattan furniture (like, you must like a more modern look, but if you want wooden, then you have to settle for a limited amount of styles and colours.

All in all it is very difficult to choose, and the industry is trending towards more modern, weatherproof styles of furniture.

We will be looking into the specific pros and cons of different outdoor furniture for your garden design in future posts on this blog. Garden furniture retailers online can be a good source of info:

About the New Plastic Style of Rattan Garden Furniture

About Rattan

You may have seen this type of furniture around in your local garden centre or perhaps at a friend’s bbq, but what is it?

It’s called plastic (or synthetic) rattan / wicker furniture, and it comes in a range of chairs, sofa sets, and dining sets. Modern plastic rattan furniture is made from either uPVC or polyethylene, which is UV stabilized and so won’t rot or fade. This is hand woven onto an aluminium frame that doesn’t rust at all.

The material has become popular with people who used to enjoy the traditional natural rattan furniture, but wanted an outdoor set that can be left out all year round. There was also the issue with older models becoming creaky and cracking.

What is resin wicker furniture?

Modern Resin Garden Furnishings Sets have actually begun a long way & currently offer comfortable sitting options in a series of modern designs.

Resin sets

Material wicker, likewise known as all-weather wicker, is produced mostly for use in exterior patio area furniture. It is implied to look like all-natural wicker, but is made from an artificial material, normally polyethylene.

The term rattan is sometimes made use of interchangeably with wicker, however in fact depicts the fiber made use of to produce the wicker job. Material wicker is a comparable looking material. Material wicker is typically made use of over an aluminum frame to develop light-weight outdoor furnishings.


Resources For Resin

The best way to read up about resin, is to first find out about it on Wikipedia, then learn about what resin patio furniture sets are available and then learn the difference between resin polyethyline and uPVC materials.

What Rattan Furniture is Available in the UK?

All-natural rattan is very quick expanding, many modern rattan garden furniture is made out of fabricated rattan. This kind of product is made from polyethylene (PE), which is a type of plastic. Polyethylene is the plastic product that utilized the most around the world.

A grey rattan corner sofa set

All-natural rattan furniture needs a little bit extra mindful cleaning compared to synthetic one. It generally does not like to be soaked in soapy water. Make sure your furniture is definitely completely dry prior to you utilize it once more, as natural rattan bends when wet. Another trouble to be familiar with is mold.
Rattan garden table and chairs.

Modern rattan garden furniture made of polyrattan could be hosed down with water or left out in the rainfall. When using your rattan furniture inside as sunroom furnishings, you could remove any kind of loosened dirt as well as dirt by vacuum cleaner cleaning it and then wiping it down with soapy water.

Like our wooden or steel yard as well as patio area choices, rattan yard furniture has various styles as well as additional features. Although a synthetic product, polyrattan could look like all-natural one while keeping its advantages. It can be found in different, restrained, all-natural colours like grey, brown, black or all-natural, as well as can have a smooth or rougher surface as well as round-weave and flat-weave.

You will often find modern rattan furniture to come in:

  • Bistro sets for the patio or balcony
  • Lounge sets for the patio, decking or garden.
  • Sofas
  • Dining sets for the patio or decking
  • Armchairs for the garden or consevatory

More online retailers will be able to ship to your door if you live in the United Kingdom, however for some larger sets this may be restricted to your local area.

Resources for Rattan Furniture

If you want to find out more about rattan furniture, then first go to the WICKER materials resource page here, then browse rattan rocking chairs online here and finally share your experience on social media here.

Is Rattan Garden Furniture Weatherproof?

Yes, if you purchase UV stabilized rattan furniture that has an aluminium frame then it is weatherproof, which means you can leave it outside all year without a cover. However some cheaper steel framed alternatives and those without UV stabilized rattan will rust, rot or fade, and so will not be weatherproof.

You can learn more about this using the video below:

Further Reading

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