Modern Garden Furniture – What Should You Choose?

It’s difficult to choose the type of outdoor furniture you want in 2019.

There are now so many different choices, including:

  • Rattan garden furniture
  • Wood-effect garden furniture
  • Wooden garden furniture
  • Aluminium garden furniture
  • Plastic garden furniture

Each one has it’s own unique properties, so it’s really important to look at the pros and cons of each type. For example if you wanted rattan furniture (like, you must like a more modern look, but if you want wooden, then you have to settle for a limited amount of styles and colours.

All in all it is very difficult to choose, and the industry is trending towards more modern, weatherproof styles of furniture.

We will be looking into the specific pros and cons of different outdoor furniture for your garden design in future posts on this blog. Garden furniture retailers online can be a good source of info:

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