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Come visit our Garden…….

The grounds here are over 16 acres in size and the formal garden area extends to approximately 6 acres. Our garden is open to the public and we have all types of visitors including people bringing the kids for a quiet picnic, keen gardeners who appreciate the labelled plants in our garden, large groups getting guided tours, small groups of art students, wildlife enthusiasts who appreciate the variety of living things here and people taking wedding photographs. We hope there is something for everyone who likes gardens.

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Please read below to get a brief overview of the garden. For more photos please click here.

Entrance To The Garden  

The basalt stone traditional pillars, which “guard” the entrance, were built in 1995 and replicate those in the immediate vicinity. Sadly similar pillars remaining in the area are few in number but fortunately the presence of our pillars has stimulated others to build replicas.

A key design feature on one of the pillars is a small flat top as opposed to the rounded or pointed tops. Fairies from the nearby fairy tree appreciate this opportunity to meet and dance in comfort!!

The associated gates are a traditional flat bar metal type.

Being conscious of the need to encourage wildlife our pillars have nest boxes built in.

For more photos please click here.

The Woodlands 

The 4 acres of woodland planted 15 years ago are now at the stage where a specific woodland ground floor of plants is beginning to establish.

We have added to this richness by planting aconites, daffodils, snowdrops, and bluebells. Other areas will be more cultivated and underplanted with hosta, astilbe etc.

Our woodland is often the host for a nest of beautiful long eared owls and numerous other birds.

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The Front Garden

William Robinson strongly believed in establishing harmony between the house, garden and the countryside. We hope that our design of the front garden would have met with his approval.

Our favourite rambler rose is a German raised cultivar called Sommermorgen which is growing profusely over the picket fence and provides the visitor with a warm welcome.

The borders to the immediate front of the house consist mainly of pink, white and lavender colours creating a calming effect.

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A Traditional Bridge

A number of streams bisect the garden and to emphasie their existence a number of small wooden and basalt stone bridges have been built, the latter with nest boxes which are in use most years.

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The Lakeside Garden

The small lake in this garden has been man made and was established to enrich the garden with wildlife and provide a special feature.

The surrounding borders are lavishly planted with large herbaceous plants with some of our favourites being Stipa gigantia, Eupatorium, Echinaceas and large leaved Hostas.

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The Barn

Sadly many of our traditional barns have disappeared from the Ulster countryside but we lovingly saved ours from extinction. The ground floor was originally used as a byre. The surrounds to the barn were traditional rough cobbles bedded in clay but these have been painstakingly relaid in recent years.

It faces an Orchard that has many old Irish apples varieties.

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The Formal Cottage Garden

This is the only area of formal garden and to some extent was imposed upon us by the nature of the shape of the space.

The link to the countryside has been achieved with a natural stone wall. Paths have been lined with a cobble stone edge and box hedging and to continue the traditional and natural theme of the garden the paths have been finished with local grey stone gravel. The layout of this area reflects the Irish High Cross

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The Sheltered Garden

This secluded area of the garden has been designed for quiet contemplation whilst the shelter established here provides for the growing of more choice plants.

At the end of this path is a stile which leads to a Celtic Spiral created in a field of rushes.

For more photos please click here.

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